Every Engine - Customized
No two people operate a truck, van or motorhome the exact same way.  They all have different routes, different loads, different driving habits and different preferences.  Cummins PowerSpec makes it possible to tailor the operation of Cummins engines to fit every customer's needs and desires, exactly.

PowerSpec is a software tool that can be downloaded from the Internet.  It offers users:

• The ability for authorized users to spec their own feature and parameter settings
• Gearing recommendations for specific engines and applications
• The ability to read and reset trip information
• The ability to read and reset any fault codes that have been logged.

PowerSpec works on every Cummins engine from the ISB to the ISX.  This includes all North American EPA 2013 On-highway engines (ISB6.7 to the ISX15). PowerSpec also works on Cummins Westport natural gas engines, the ISL G and ISX12 G.

For more information:
PowerSpec Brochure, 3606420
PowerSpec User Guide rev 9/15
PowerSpec Sales Presentation rev 4/13
PowerSpec Administration & Management Guide rev 6/15
Cummins North America Motor Coach Gearing Guidance rev 11/15

For further details, please contact your local distributor.

PowerSpec Website Link: