Cummins Care

Cummins Care is an enhanced customer assistance program provided by the Cummins Customer Support Center in Nashville, TN.  Cummins Care representatives at 1-800-CUMMINS™ are prepared to answer customer questions and to assist customers with finding the nearest authorized service location, while ensuring that the location can quickly meet the customer’s specific service requirements.  

Cummins Care offers a step beyond traditional support by calling the service locations to confirm the location has the capability and is available to repair the customer’s vehicle or equipment.  By understanding and identifying the scheduling availability of the location, Cummins will increase customer uptime and customer satisfaction.  This support is not limited to end customers.  Vehicle and equipment dealers may also utilize the support of Cummins Care.  

We've launched Cummins Care with Tier 4 Construction, Ag and Emergency Vehicle customers, who may have emission-related questions or operational questions, and North American On-highway truck, Motorcoach and RV customers who may travel outside the local area and may need assistance in locating a repair facility while on the road; however, the Cummins Customer Support Center will assist any type of customer who calls 1-800-CUMMINS ™.  

We have created a brochure that can be shared with Customers.